Reviews for Lucky Stars (2015)

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"The songs are dreamy and haunting and drenched in aching pedal steel and several doses of the theramin that certainly give the songs an eerie quality that underlines their other worldliness."

"Their sound resembles the Canadian grasslands, as beautiful as they are harsh, taking notes from Canada’s soft tones and tough seasons."

"Husband-and-wife tandem Keri and Devin Latimer spent the early part of the millennium in indie folk outfit Nathan, earning plenty of acclaim in their native Canada and winning the 2008 Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) for best roots traditional album. They’ve formed a new band, Leaf Rapids, and their “Lucky Stars” debut is a twangy delight from beginning to end."

"This is ear candy from first track to last."

"This album, Lucky Stars, is just about as delightful as anything I’ve heard this year."

"The group describes their latest record as '...A soundtrack for the modern cowboy-part Canadian trucker, part Manitoba Motown.' "

"Keri's gorgeous, sweet voice is accompanied by her own acoustic guitar and theremin, Devin's bass, and Steve Dawson on almost everything else."

"Lucky Stars is a gorgeous debut from some of Canada’s top roots musicians who are putting a fresh spin on traditional Americana music."

"The Latimers are able to offer up a lovely, shimmering example of seductive Americana, emphasizing a sound that soothes, seduces and shines. It’s all but impossible to walk away feeling anything but enchanted."

"Veterans of the Canadian alt country scene courtesy of their joint membership in the band Nathan, husband and wife duo Devin and Keri Latimer have branched out to produce Lucky Stars, an album that covers the spectrum from breezy country influenced pop to dreamlike swoons."

"Born out of Canadian band Nathan, Leaf Rapids deal in wonderfully intimate country music, based around the guitars, vocals and theremin playing of Latimer and her husband Devin, who plays bass."

"Latimer says some people have described their music as haunting Americana because the song writing is somewhat mysterious."

Leaf Rapids is a Canadian duo comprising husband-and-wife team Devin and Keri Latimer (veterans of the band Nathan), who have now sought out legendary producer Steve Dawson to realise Keri's latest musical vision. For it's Keri who's the guiding and creative force behind Lucky Stars; she's produced a set of songs built around the concept of trust and learning to let go - doubly hard for someone known for being a control freak, she openly admits in interview.

"By the final third, things get magical."

"Keri Latimer has the ability to light up a room."

"Like a summer breeze ushering the winter blues out the door, a brand new album by Canadian duo Leaf Rapids hits the airwaves this spring to present a delightful awakening experience."

"Leaf Rapids dreams on the “Virtual Machine”, offers a greeting for “Welcome Strangers”, whispers a “Vulture Lullaby” as the song fades in and out of the crackling fires of distortion, and purrs like the engine of a “Galaxie 500” on her recent release, Lucky Stars."

"The husband-and-wife duo, formerly members of Juno Award-winning band Nathan and parents to two young children, have branched off on their own to create Leaf Rapids, a roots band inspired by their life in the Prairies."

"The product is an indie-folk blend with abstract lyrics, catchy hooks and unique sounds like the lap steel or Keri's theremin playing on tracks like Virtual Machine."

"Keri anchors the 12-track release with her crystalline vocals and Devin holds down the bottom on bass, while pal Steve Dawson breathes life into the platter with his stellar guitar work."

"Leaf Rapids recorded Lucky Stars in Nashville. It was their first time recording in the city, and Steve Dawson (Henhouse Studio) produced the album."

"Keri Latimer fell under the Prairie spell after moving to Winnipeg."

"This is ear candy from first track to last."

"The product is an indie-folk blend with abstract lyrics, catchy hooks and unique sounds like the lap steel or Keri’s theremin playing on tracks like Virtual Machine. Leaf Rapids’ style is akin to acts like Beach House, known for its meditative quality."

"JUNO-winning folk songstress Keri Latimer has taken time away from the much-heralded Nathan to launch a new project, Leaf Rapids."

"The first thing you notice about Leaf Rapids is Keri Latimer’s incredible voice."

"The project and album’s approach aims to embody the sense of “open space” of life living in the Prairies, with the goal to create an atmosphere of sitting back and enjoying an intimate house show in the format of a studio recording."

"Firmly rooted yet not wholly contained to a specific genre, decade or geography, Lucky Stars is an inviting collection of songs that warms the heart and ears. Again and again."

"What sets Lucky Stars apart, though, is Keri's voice, which ranges from the unique delicateness of Hannah Georgas (Virtual Machine) to the twang of an early Dolly Parton (Gravity and a Ladder of Gold)."

"Vultures circle overhead, squirrels are in the attic, there's a kiss in the toxic rain, and a town that hits 40-below at 4 AM.  Stuff is going on here."