Reviews for Long Time Leaving (2016)

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"The twelve songs on this album are focused on reasons why it's better to be cheerful than tearful."

"When she sings in her homespun, quirky voice it’s hard not to be a little bit in love wither her."

"‘Long Time Leaving’ is an honest, musically rich album that is instantly likeable."

"Despite it being born from the end of a relationship, Long Time Leaving certainly fulfils Couture’s goal of making a breakup record that defies the usual tropes."

"The instrumentation, arrangements, compositions and Couture’s lithe, sheer, roots-influenced vocals all underscore the unconquerable human spirit."

"Christa Couture’s new, Steve Dawson–produced Long Time Leaving could best be described as bouncy, which might come as a surprise to those aware of the former Vancouverite’s unflinching ability to confront personal tragedy."

"It’s a lighter album with an occasional nod to country that makes it even brighter."

"Christa’s voice is crystal clear and rings with emotion and everything is bright and shiny in terms of delivery."

"Make no mistake, it’s that variety that will give this album its longevity in your affections."

"Insightful, honest and immensely hummable, this is classy stuff, haute couture you might say."

"It is just one example of the subtle muse at play when she writes her words of life and longing, love and lust and everything in-between."

"It is in the storytelling songs where Couture is at her best in the tracks "Solid Ground" and "In The Papers"."

"It’s an intriguing roller-coaster of an album and when you step off at the end of the ride, you’ll feel exhilarated and uplifted."

"Christa Couture is a spectacularly good songwriter; but it’s her voice and delivery that sets her apart from everyone else in the field."

"Couture’s songwriting is poised and effortless, filled with sweet melodies and her irresistible spirit."