Reviews for See The Sky About To Rain (2014)

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"If we put in our kitchen strainer a little bit of roots music, some Americana, a fifty percent of country and a few drops of folk, the result will be a delicious music performed by Canadian artist Colleen Rennison." {translated from Spanish}

"Her versions of Bobbi Gentry's Fancy and Booker T. and Priscilla Jones's My Crew are first rate, as well. Good song choices here, to go with the excellent musicianship and singing."

"From the very first vocal crescendo to the last thumb sliding crisply across six strings, this album is very much worth the listen."

"The subtle textures and the power of her emotion make it one of the better Americana releases of the year so far."

"The album offers a collection of sublime material that fits together in a seamless musical journey, from some of the strongest composers around..."

"Mixing country, folk and blues, it’s an outstanding sampler of what Ms.Rennison can do."

"Her and Dawson’s care has resulted in an album that mixes the familiar and obscure, the bluesy and the country, and speaks well of her ability to interpret."

"See the Sky About to Rain is a selection from the great song bag of North American rock and soul music of the past four decades..."

 " ...'See the Sky About to Rain' is a fascinating document of rare and mutable talent."

"It’s been a long time since I’ve been completely overwhelmed with a voice that’s so sultry, so expressive, and so versatile. Add the splendid multi-instrument picking and production of Steve Dawson, and it makes for an exceptional record."

"Rennison moves effortlessly from Stax-flavored soul to bluegrass to country to blues, recreating songs from Robbie Robertson, Leonard Cohen, Bobbie Gentry, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Russell, and Joni Mitchell."

"...Prepare to be blown away by her performance on this outstanding solo effort."

"It's sublime. Magic. She's got the best of the Canadian best backing her up. She's even got Nashville legend Tim O'Brien on fiddle and mandolin. Make some room on your 2014 Top 10's."

"The sorely overlooked Tom Russell’s best “Blue Wing” gets an elegiac run, while Joni Mitchell’s “Coyote” seems to float in the ether.  All of it heralds the arrival of a star."

"Ms. Rennison lets on to her obvious power in an appealingly measured manner, charging songs such as Tom Ghent’s “Whiskey, Whiskey” and Sarah Harmer’s “Oleander” with a compelling, just-under-the-surface emotional current."

"With 'See The Sky About To Rain.’ [Colleen Rennison] has taken songs that have a special meaning to her and wrapped her lilting, passionate voice around them for us all to enjoy!"

"With a voice as distinct as Patsy Cline, Etta James, Emmylou Harris or any number of the all-time greats, Rennison’s voice beckons like something buried deep in your past evoking memories from a time and place that are buried deeply in each and every one of us."

"Though she’s only 25, Rennison displays a deep understanding of the timeless material."

"Colleen Rennison is an actress and singer who is blessed with an achingly soulful voice that is exploited shamelessly on this superb set of covers of songs that inspired her during her childhood."

"Rennison reveals herself to be a fearless interpreter."

"Not only is her taste in modern oldies superb but her selection for guidance just as exquisite."

"Rennison proves she can handle Southern rock with her take on Bobbie Gentry’s great “Fancy,” and then gives a heart-melting performance on the tragic “Blue Wing.” "

"Rennison has a velvety alto that is equal parts vulnerable and veracious, that allows her to inhabit the characters of songs culled from a section of icon songwriters, including Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and the Band."

"Heads-up to Toni Price and Bonnie Raitt fans: There’s a touch of both those earthy stylists as well as Janis Joplin in this Canadian singer’s gutsy vocal style throughout a winningly arranged set of soulful covers..."

"Rennison sounds like a wild prairie flower — swayed and swept by the wind, delicate yet strong."

"The reliably excellent Steve Dawson produces, with horns and backing vocals (from the famed McCrary sisters)  contributing to the full sound. This gal's a star!"

"Rennison has a velvety alto that is equal parts vulnerable and veracious, that allows her to inhabit the characters of songs culled from a section of icon songwriters including Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and the Band."

"She was [also] clearly raised on Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Loretta Lynn."

"Here, she sings songs that have influenced her over the years and carries them to new heights with her masterful delivery."

"A killer ‘Americana’ set that’s organic throughout and hits all the high notes there are along the way."

"Rennison's voice is perfect for this type of travel and Dawson on resonator is joined by Tim O'Brien who really knows how to punch it up with fiddle and banjo"

It’s not often I play a new disc from an artist I haven’t heard of and am happily aware I’ve made a wonderful discovery. That’s what happened the first time I listened to Colleen Rennison’s See the Sky About to Rain.

"The album’s dozen tracks demonstrate Colleen’s amazing interpretations of timeless material from a wide range of composers, including Robbie Robertson (“All La Glory” and “Stage Fright”), Townes Van Zant (“White Freightliner”), Leonard Cohen (“Why Don’t You Try”), Bobby Gentry (“Fancy”), Tom Russell (“Blue Wing”), Joni Mitchell (“Coyote”), and Neil Young (“See the Sky About to Rain”)."

"Colleen projects a sound that envelops the heart and cleanses the soul."