Reviews for Brother Sinner And The Whale (2012)

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"The American troubadour's sleight of hand mastery of the technique combines with bottleneck, a beguilingly mellifluous voice and the most literary spiritual songs..."

"...Delivers a complexity in this simplicity that needs to be heard to be appreciated."

"As time moves on, he has surpassed all predictions with the poetic touch of his original tunes and his voice has become the rich musical counterpart to his phenomenal gifts on guitar."

"Sometimes A Drifter is a lovely bluesy song and Brother Pilgrim is a dazzling instrumental which shows off his fine guitar technique."

"...A solo record that builds on all of his lyrical, compositional and technical strengths to form the best album of his career..."

"Accompanied only by his brilliantly played slide acoustic, he helps expand appreciation of blues styles other than vintage Mississippi Delta and Chicago electric varieties."

"Few people have done more to keep the spirit of country blues alive than Kelly Joe Phelps..."

"...This gorgeous album is well-worth checking out."

"Stylistically and lyrically, the music is gospel based, the lyrics laced with religious imagery, and to the delight of slide guitar fans, his National Style O and bronze bottleneck slide are right up front."

"...By going completely back to his roots, Phelps has managed to find something completely new to say with his music. Only the best artists can pull that off."