The homespun, back porch ambience courses throughout Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie’s Old Friends, a set of classic blues, country, and folk numbers that feels like the result of a weekend-long guitar pull between close pals, as much captured as “engineered”, live off the floor by Comox Valley producer and engineer, Corwin Fox.The choice of songs Cox and Hurrie chose to record are canon across the traditional folk, blues, and Americana idioms, including the classic Guy Clark title cut, which captures some of the most sparkling acoustic sounds on the record, with an open-tuned guitar laying down a breezy groove for a soulful resonator, closely-miked so as to pick up the brass hitting the neck and the scrapes of fingernails in the nickel. A gentle tremolo guitar adds lush voicing over the tender fingerpicking on Canadian folk legend Willie P. Bennett’s melancholic “Rains On Me”, adding a touch of nearness in the sighs and breaths of two players whose closeness is felt throughout the record. In among the covers is Cox’s crystalline instrumental “Dexter’s Back”, a melodic piece, which, like the other instrumental cut on the record, the rearranged traditonal number “St. Anne’s”, never suffers from a lack of melody, and it’s played with both dexterity and heart. Old friends ought to get together more often.