Singer / guitarist Jim Byrnes lives since the seventies in Canada, but he was born and raised in St. Louis. On his latest album, he explores his roots, so it is therefore aptly called "St. Louis Times". Together with his musical partner Steve Dawson Byrnes has some excellent Canadian musicians gathered around him.

The album features some covers, that have to do with St. Louis, and some own songs. Dawson has the production well in hand and he also plays excellent guitar, both acoustic, electric and slide and steel guitar. John Hammond does four songs and also the young singer Colleen Rennison of the promising band No Sinner contributes.
Of the covers, in my opinion, Albert King’s "I Get Evil" the best song, while Byrnes' own "The Journey Home" is an absolute gem. It is a narration on music and the autobiographical nature makes this the biggest impression on me.

BarnOwlBlues find this album a wonderful tribute to the city of St. Louis. The city has admittedly not the fame of Chicago, Memphis or New Orleans, but has not been less important in the history of jazz and blues. And this is translated by Jim Byrnes in a great way.