This album, though those in charge say it was not intended, has a bit of a spiritual flair to it.  Big Dave McLean has always been a major force in the Canadian blues and roots music scene.  Big Dave is a master at the traditional blues styles when it comes to his work on guitar, a wordsmith with a real knack for the weaving of tales and the telling of those stories...and he has a voice made for the genre, sounding like his vocal chords were marinated in "shine" and that he has spent more time than would be considered healthy in smoke-filled rooms.  McLean has been an influence on generations of bluesmen, and the reasons behind it are quite obvious.  This release has him in the company of some of the finest performers in the business including Steve Dawson on practically everything that has strings, vocals and more, Gary Craig on drums & percussion, Jon Dymond on bass (electric & upright), Kevin McKendree on piano and organ, Fats Kaplin on mandolin & fiddle and Ann & Regina McCrary on vocals...a recipe for an album that has "success" written all over it.  As I said earlier, this album has a distinct spiritual tone that runs through it.  The album also deals with such classic themes as love...both lost and found, death and life on the road.  Blues blends with southern gospel, the political climate and Americana, for an album that is an absolute delight.  I would not go so far as to say this is Dave's finest work, but it is as good as anything I've heard...and I've heard my fair share.  Big Dave McLean is a Master...and he is backed by the best in the business.  This is a work deserving of one or more Handy Awards.  It is incredibly passionate and filled to overflowing with raw emotional power.  This may well top off my list of best albums of the year.  It is certainly deserving.  Do yourself a favor and add this to your collection.  You will not be disappointed.  - Bill Wilson