Billboard called Big Dave McLean "the quintessential behind-the-scenes bluesman" who's been winning awards ever since John Hammond taught him how to play Bo Diddley's "I'm a Man" while he was still a teenager growing up in Canada; and he's been going strong ever since. This is Dave's sixth album, three with Stony Plain Records, one with Kings Alley, and his second with Black Hen. Well-assembled, with top notch sound, it also features some outstanding musicians, most notable and most versatile, perhaps, is the multi-talented Steve Dawson who produced and mixed the set. Dawson also added essential background work on - count em! -electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, pedal steel, mandolin, dobro, and National Steel guitar; plus background vocals. His immense versatility especially shines through on "Deep Down in Florida."  McLean, of course, handles the primary National steel guitar work throughout, as well as acoustic and electric guitar. He also wrote five out of the twelve cuts and all are performed with his usual gutsy, gravelly, down-home style that always matches perfectly whatever song he chooes, and no matter who wrote it, when a song is sung by Big Dave, he owns it, top to bottom. "You Can't Ever :ose What You Ain't Never Had" features subject matter that is typical McLean; empty pockets, an empty fridge, and worst of all, an empty bed. "You'll Need Somebody on your Bond" is an upbeat rocker that adds an interesting touch of fiddle music by Fats Kaplin. It also features back up vocals by Ann and Regina McCrary who also provide background on several other cuts. There are a couple gospel-type cuts as well. "Old Time Religion" resonates as an old 'come to Jesus' hymn. "Swinging on Heaven's Gate" is an upbeat hymn done in  style that can only be called McLean's own. "Pet Rabbit" winds up the set with a sound that is right out of the 30's, complete with the loveable/hate-able cracks and pops of an old 78...Great Album!