This is my kind of blueser. Out of Canada, Big Dave McLeanhas a gritty, world travelled voice and delivers a tune like he’s sitting next to you in his truck after having picked you up hitch-hiking. He teams up with guests The MCrary Sisters, Colin Linden and Colin Jones, but you’re not gonna care about that. What matters is that this guy mixes originals that sounds like Travels with Charley on “I Best Choose To Pick the Blues” and shows his Bible upbringing on “Shades ofGrace” as he battles with the devil on the rest of the album. Skip James’ “Devil Got My Woman” has him picking and moanin’, while “Tough Times” has him throwing in the hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” just to get you in the mood. Some gritty boogie comes up on “Sittin On A Fence” and jiving bass and B3 smoke up the BBQ pit on “Devil’s In The Jukebox.” He sounds foreboding as he testifies to the congregation on “The Fallen” and is back porch cozy on “Dead Cat On the Line.”  This guy sings with dirt under his nails and callouses on his palms.