Automotive references abound on Kat Danser’s latest outing, Goin’ Gone, from defining her music as a steel-belted radial tire flexing between gravel and asphalt to desribing her band and production team as mechanics and pit crew. The use of such metaphors may be arty, but in Danser’s case it is wholly unnecessary, as the talent of Edmonton’s qualified ethnomusicologist (google it) speaks for itself. Her brand of bluesy Americana may not attack your senses, but it certainly gets inside your soul. The title track gets things going - no pun intended - with a rain-track-bass-line rhythm and twanging country geetar accompanying Danser’s relaxed vocals, the timbre of which falls somewhere between that of Mary Gauthier and Sue Foley.

“Voodoo Groove” delivers an altogether swampier sound that again seemlessly combines country and blues, aided this time by great harmonica from Jim Hoke, while “Chevrolet Car” is a good ol’ fiddle-led toe-tapper, straight from the folk circuit.

For sheer class though, the driving blues of “Hol’ Up Baby” and haunting sound of “Light Up the Flame” take some beating. Great songs, vocals, musicianship and production - anyone not familiar with Danser should check out this album; her fifth release, it’s her best to date.