Another album that’s going to hit the UK this June is ‘Lucky Hand’ another outing from the endlessly creative and highly prolific Steve Dawson. I’m guessing that name may not be so familiar to many folk this side of the pond, then for someone that holds a position of renown and respect within Canadian music perhaps I’m wrong. Whatever the case I’m tempted to suggest if you don’t know the man and his work then ‘Lucky Hand’ is no mean place to start the experience. Comprising ten instrumental tracks overflowing with original fingerstyle and slide guitar, and astonishing string quartet parts woven into the absorbing web formed by this music ‘Lucky Hand’ is as different as it is enthralling.

From the outset the scope and sweep of these pieces is breath-taking, ‘The Circuit Rider Of Pigeon Forge’ opens and immediately holds your ears, the intricacy of ‘Bentonia Blues’ follows, along with ‘Bone Cave’ and ‘Hale Road Revelation’ both making their presence felt in no uncertain terms. There’s a distinct vitality and freshness in evidence here, from ‘Little Harpeth’ and ‘Lucky Hand’ to ‘Hollow Tree Gap’ – there’s blinding dexterity, superb composition, melodic force and musical articulation that make ‘Lucky Hand’ something you should definitely add to your music collection.