As a relative newcomer to the CD reviewing business, I have already come to realize that it's not always a pleasure to have to review CDs and that it's possibly not the dream job I'd always thought it to be and that sometimes there can be downsides, so it's always best to have an open mind towards what you're about to hear. On a journey across the M62, I chose to put on Lucky Hand by Steve Dawson, an artist whose work I hadn't previously heard, and was I glad that I did! The first track, imaginatively entitled, The Circuit Rider of Pigeon Forge starts off in a a style reminiscent of Leo Kottke, so I braced myself for the impending forced gruff vocals and obscure lyrics of Endless Sleep or some such impenetrable issue. I was wrong; what followed was just a sheer joy. Beautiful guitar playing, obviously very intricate, but played with such style it sounded simple. The track also had the slight quirky feeling, which is so often found on the albums by Penguin Cafe Orchestra, which was no doubt induced by the excellent playing from the string quartet, horn and woodwinds, so delicately arranged by Jesse Zubot. The track as a whole still maintained a bluesy feel, but was so unique in its beauty it was very hard to pigeon hole. (Ouch! Sorry for the pun!) The second track, Bentonia Blues heads down a much more dusty country blues road, with some beautiful slide guitar superbly accompanied by some really melodic harmonica from the very talented Charlie McCoy. To my ear it would have made the perfect soundtrack to an episode from Alias Smith and Jones, (apologies if it was before your time, but do check them out!). The next track, Bone Cave again features some extremely nimble guitar picking and slide accompanied by the string quartet. The whole album was a pure joy and restored my faith in the job of CD reviewing. I shall certainly be checking out more material by the very talented Steve Dawson.