Leaf Rapids is the new vehicle for Canadian singer and songwriter, Keri Latimer, who has been performing for many years with alt. country band Nathan. For 'Lucky Stars,' Keri and husband Devin have utilized producer Steve Dawson and a Nahville studio to create an excellent album with ten new songs written by Keri, and a couple of covers. Keri's gorgeous, sweet voice is accompanied by her own acoustic guitar and theremin, Devin's bass, and Steve Dawson on almost everything else.

This is a very intelligent record-Keri writes poetic lyrics that are full of humanity and though often indirect, are definitely not obscure. Strong melodies abound, and a range of treatments-country, bluegrass, soft rock-hang together seamlessly.

I particularly liked 'Galaxie 500,' a lovely song about driving a crying child around at night. And title track 'Lucky Stars' uses theremin to great effect on a song describing her mother-in-law's view from a nursing home. The theremin also comes to the fore in an eerie, restrained cover of David Bowie's 'The Man Who Sold The World.' The other cover lightens up 'Don't Be Scared' from The Handsome Family with some great pedal steel. This is very much a duo to watch.  (Ian Croft)