Leaf Rapids dreams on the “Virtual Machine”, offers a greeting for “Welcome Strangers”, whispers a “Vulture Lullaby” as the song fades in and out of the crackling fires of distortion, and purrs like the engine of a “Galaxie 500” on her recent release, Lucky Stars. Keri Latimer is a Juno Award winning artist, touring and recording with Nathan, the Canadian Alt Country band based in Winnipeg, recording solo work and soundtrack snippets. Keri and husband (Nathan bandmate) Devin Latimer, took advantage of the isolated nature of Manitoba, Canada to work on tracks for their band project, Leaf Rapids. The album, Lucky Stars, explores themes as it moves through the minds of cabin bound residents during winter as they wait for the spring to bust open all around them. Keri plaintively asks for a “Healing Feeling”, keeping options open as she seeks a ‘doctor in the house, a poet in the crowd or a pharmacist around. Lucky Stars looks down on songs filled with hard times in “April”, finds renewal in the title track while keeping goals as heaven, hell and “Everything in Between”.  Leaf Rapids closes out Lucky Stars with the quiet thunder found in their version of David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold the World”.