With no overdubs or effects this is as simple, straight and honest as they come. Canadian guitar picker Steve Dawson, his fingers, his slides and his guitars. This is acoustic heaven, using every old school method as possible, Dawson takes the listener on a journey. Dawson titles his tracks in a manner that could veer toward carnival but actually accentuates the troubadour aspect; witness Flophouse Oratory, The Flagpole Skater Laughs From Above, J.R. Lockley’s Dilemma and ‘Butterfly Stunt’. Now based in Nashville, Dawson strives, and succeeds, to achieve what he calls the American Primitive aesthetic, and it is of no surprise to discover that, as artists and producer, he is the recipient of seven Juno awards. Recorded with a single vintage tube microphone, recently rediscovered after a lifetime lost in a Detroit theatre is a great advert for the purist, audiophile, obsessive and those generally inquisitive. Best heard through headphones!