If we put in our kitchen strainer a little bit of roots music, some Americana, a fifty percent of country and a few drops of folk, the result will be a delicious music performed by Canadian artist Colleen Rennison. This woman has a rewarding very tasteful voice, which becomes very enjoyable to listen to it. Colleen has a lot of feeling, together with a good balanced sincere attitude, she gives us in a twelve songs collection that come from some of her favorite performers like Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young or Bobbie Gentry among others. To round up this interesting project Colleen Rennison has found the priceless collaboration of guitar player Steve Dawson, who has produced, arranged, played and mixed this album with a clever taste and wisdom, which makes as a result a very inspired, warm, poetic and wrapping music. VERY GOOD.