A superb band in any respect from a strictly musical aspect, Colleen Rennison starts her latest project in the best position possible.  This woman has a vocal range that is absolutely unbelievable.  Deep, rich, passionate and as natural as water flowing down a mountain stream, this young woman will leave an indelible mark on your soul and make you a fan forever.  With a voice as distinct as Patsy Cline, Etta James, Emmylou Harris or any number of the all-time greats, Rennison’s voice beckons like something buried deep in your past evoking memories from a time and place that are buried deeply in each and every one of us.  The listeners are taken on a ride that runs through diverse emotional stages that bring to mind the happiest and most heart-rending times they have ever known.  While it might seem somewhat risky to go back into her past and redo classic songs from musical icons that have made their marks on her soul over the years, Rennison has redone the songs in such a way that she has made them her own.  Anyone can redo a song and do it in such a way that the originator is honored, but is takes a special talent to tear the song down, put their own special touch on it and make it their own.  Colleen Rennison is one such artist.  With the voice of an angel, as timeless as music itself, she pours heart and soul into each and every tune.  While each is clearly recognizable and her renditions pay tribute to those who did the songs originally, there is enough of Colleen in the songs’ arrangements that her part in this process is very obvious.  The result is a thing of absolute beauty.  The band’s playing is flawless, the arrangements are spectacular and the songs that emerge as the end products are as beautiful in their own respects as the original tunes themselves.  With songs from such notable artists as Robbie Robertson, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Ghent, Sarah Harmer, Leonard Cohen, Bobbie Gentry, Tom Russell, Joni Mitchell, Booker T. Jones and Neil Young, one might wonder where to go from here?  Rennison pulls out all the stops, pours out all she’s got for a work that is a modern masterpiece.  With the assistance from a band that includes Steve Dawson on guitars, Darryl Havers on Wurlitzer, Geoff Hicks on drums, Jeremy Holmes on bass, Jim Hoke on tenor sax, Bill Huber on trombone, Tim O’Brien on fiddle and mandolin, the McCrary Sisters on vocals and more, this one is destined to be a hit.  It has a timeless sound and feel and is sure to be in demand for years to come.