Solid States & Loose Ends marks the 7th solo release for Juno-award wining artist and producer Steve Dawson. In a musical about-face from his most recent (2014) acoustic instrumental release Rattlesnake Cage, which featured Dawson, a bevy of acoustic guitars and a microphone, Dawson harkens back to his 2011 release Nightshade, with a stellar collection of tightly knit, melodic tunes that simply sparkle with pristine production. Dawson supplies the complete package here. The behind and in-front of the board skill that has earned him accolades, from his native Vancouver to his new Nashville home and beyond, is front and center on the disc. That fact that he has a bit of the under-the-radar "J.J. Cale-like- mystique" going on only adds to his allure in my book. Dawson works though an impressive collection of original tunes that showcase his optimistic, upbeat take on blues and traditional themes and grooves with an equally talented cast of musicians, Canadian and Nashvillie-ian. The musicianship, Dawson's and others', electric and acoustic, is effortless, sophisticated, clean and honest. At first listen, Solid States & Loose Ends sounds as if equal parts of Ry Cooder and Allen Tousssaint were tossed in a stew pot and seasoned with the vocal quality of Texan David Grissom, the heartfelt authenticity of Kevin Welch and the chutzpah T-Bone Burnett. A ruckus cover of Riley Puckett's "Can't Put That Monkey On My Back" and a sizzling version of Joe Tex's "You Got What It Takes" will put a smile on your face and work out the kinks in your toes, while originals like the sultry and seductively blue "Early Warning" and "Rose's Blues" or the righteous and straight-up kick and roll of "Broken Future Blues" will convince you of Dawson's wide ranging talent. The pure Americana of "Driver's Wheel" and "California Saviour" will keep this CD near the top of your favorite CD stack. Did I mention this CD begs for a road trip wit the top surely does! Ironically, Dawson leaves no loose ends in this all too solid release.