It’s a deft trick to mix old school tradition with modern sounds, but guitarist-vocalist Steve Dawson does an impressive balancing act here. He’s got a voice that has hints of Kenny Rankin; a bit jazzy with a dash of blues, and switches around guitars from acoustic to steel to electric to fit the mood. There’s a bunch of Delta back porch material on pieces like Broken Future Blues”  and “Riley’s Henhouse Door” while Fats Kaplin’s fiddle adds to the two steppin’ pieces such as “On Top Of the World.” Some swampy boogie rock as horns and Keri Latimer’s vocals on “ You Got What It Takes” while Kaplin’s mandolin bounces on the shuffling “Can’t Put That Monkey On My Back.” The most intriguing moods are created when Dawson casts some long shadows on the film noirish “Final Words” and “Rose’s Blues” using either smoky tenor, farfisa or accordion to color the sounds sepia. Still, there’s not a hint of looking back in terms of making these sounds museum pieces, as Dawson’s creek runs wide to attract new ears. You’ll like this guy!