If the world's greatest guitarists were honestly compiled in a list Steve Dawson's name would be very near the top.  Whenever a great guitarist is needed to add that certain something to an album, Dawson is the guy they call to do the job.  Canadian born, now based in Brentwood, Tennessee, Dawson is preparing to release his seventh solo album on April 1st.  For this album he assembled a team comprised of a number of the finest performers in the business including Gary Craig on drums, John Dymond on bass, Kevin McKendree on keyboards, Fats Kaplin on viola, fiddle, mandolin & accordion, Jim Hoke on saxes, Steve Herrman on trumpet, Mike Bub on upright bass and Regina & Ann McCrary and Keri Latimer on backing vocals.  Dawson has what might be called the "Midas Touch."  Solid States And Loose Ends hits blues, soul, folk and gospel for a full roots experience.  I tend to shy away from the term Americana, as it incorporates just too much material for my liking and is, quite frankly, too tough to define.  Regardless of whether he is playing electric or acoustic, slide or pedal steel, This cat hits the mark with power and authority...technically perfect for the most part, yet overflowing with pure, raw emotional power.  One of the things that impresses me perhaps the most is the brutal honesty of his work.  Steve Dawson is truly a man with a gift nut, he is also a man who has done his homework and worked every element through until he was satisfied...and when it comes to the music he is certainly not a pushover.  Whether he is in the forefront, as he is here for the most part, or accompanying another artist, he gives 100%.  Most of the tunes on this album are his own originals.  The remainder are primarily traditional numbers arranged by Dawson.  Then there is his rendition of "You Got What It Takes," by Joe Tex.  This is an album I could not choose a favorite tune from, as there is so much good material.  This is another piece that has a timeless quality.  Whether a relatively new composition or one that goes back ages Steve Dawson gives it his all and, in the case of the covers like "Delia", "Riley's Henhouse Door" or "Can't put That Monkey On My Back" he gives them an infusion of new life and, essentially makes them his own...though he would never presume to say so, opting to always give credit where credit is due.  This is a timeless classic, even though fresh from the artist.  Even the most hardcore purist will find this one exceptional and to their liking.  It is a keeper...for sure.-