Jenny Whiteley grew up surrounded by music and from a young age was performing with father Chris and Uncle Ken Whiteley in The Junior Jug Band and their vocals are featured on the closing track Things Are Coming My Way, which, incidentally, could easily pass as a gospel song. THE ORIGINAL JENNY WHITELEY features a mix of self penned numbers and covers but all have that old timey feel. Of the covers, Dylan’s Oxford Road is given an up tempo catchy treatment whilst The Incredible String Band’s Log Cabin Home in the Sky has a simple banjo and harmonica accompaniment. Malade, sung in French (no translation), comes over as rather too jolly for what are undoubtedly rather depressing lyrics. For me, things got better and better as the album progressed and I really liked Stealin’, Stealin’ and Higher Learning where Jenny yearns for a lesson in love. This is classic ‘front porch’ fare with Sam Allison and Teillard Frost contributing backing on a host of instruments without ever becoming intrusive. The artist’s stab at the traditional In the Pines is let down by some out of tune whistling. Having said that, Jenny Whiteley’s vocals are renowned for their clarity and this is maintained throughout the whole album which sadly, is woefully short at barely 29 minutes. Nevertheless, this is an album that most committed folkies will adore.