Edmonton’s Kat Danser is back with her 5th album, and you’re going to fall in love. Part blues, country and swamp, GG is like a tour through the U.S. south. Kat’s music is a steel belted radial easily flexing between a dusty gravel road and a fresh coat of asphalt.

True to her Gypsy/ Polish heritage, Kat Danser is in perpetual motion.  Yes she plays the blues- she also studies it (she now has a PHD in Music from The University of Alberta), lives it, breathes it, and elevates it from sweaty beer joints to centre stage in elegant concert halls.  Goin’ Gone is a collaboration between Kat and Juno Award winning producer Steve Dawson, whose latest disc I reviewed in this column not long ago. It’s a combination of the sounds, and imagery in Kat’s lyrics that make this, for me, a visual album… you can see the stories happening when you listen to the songs.

Goin’ Gone is a blues album but that seems a limiting description- there’s much more going on underneath. Dawson’s production is earthy and vivid so you don’t miss a thing, and some of the guitar is pretty twangy.  Danser has a great voice; the way she sings invites you into each song to wander around for a bit.  VERY cool record, this.