This may introduce many of you to Edmonton, Canada blues artist Kat Danser, a three time nominee for a Western Canadian Music Award and a national Maple Blues Award – Best New Artist of the Year, winner of the Ambassador of the Blues Award (Blues Underground Network) and the IBC Best Independent Blues Album, as well as being voted to have made one of the Top 5 Roots & Blues Albums of 2014 (CBC Radio & Blues Underground Network). Yes, that’s one long sentence but it lets you know that she’s been on the scene for some time.

Her fifth album, Goin’ Gone, is a collaboration between Danser and Juno-award winning producer (and label president) Steve Dawson. It celebrates her passion for the roots of blues music and her achievements as a graduate student at the University of Alberta where she has now officially become Dr. Kat Danser with a PhD in Ethnomusicology.

Danser plays in a straight-ahead style, acoustic-based augmented by electrics in places. Danser sings with a robust voice and can growl, belt or croon depending on the need of the song. Several tunes, like the title track and “Chevrolet Car,”  and “Train I Ride” carry a traveling motif. Given her knowledge of the blues, she’s comfortable singing about the American blues centers (“Memphis, Tennessee” “Kansas City Blues”). She wrote eight of the ten here, proving her ability to dig right into a traditional blues mode.