1. Matt Patershuk makes writing high quality songs seem almost easy, and on the new release we get some crackers. The opening song Sometimes You've Got To Do Bad Things To Do Good is an okay rock song but it gets better. Gypsy is a beautiful country ballad featuring Anna Egge and even better is the languid, warm, melodic country ballad Memory and the first Law of Thermodymanics - great title! Most of Matt Patershuk's CD is in the Americana/Country area with a bit of blues. Producer Steve Dawson does a fine job with the steel guitar and the production. The wonderful title track with the subdued vocal and sad steel guitar bring back memories of Jim Reeves. The song rises and falls with a kind of subtle dignity. Towards the end of the album Matt Patershuk's storytelling skills leap out of our speakers with the funny, profane Atlas which is another killer song. The final two songs take the album to a new high. Sparrows has an engaging atmosphere and a neat country/jazz vibe. Then we end with the 'big one' Swans beginning wth a guitar flourish then settling into a timeless country-meets-folk classic. Matt Patershuk shares the vocal with Anna Egge and both hit top form. The song has a kind of Tom Russell feel, it's that good. The new album has potential to sell a fair few copies, to anyone who likes singers such as John Prine, Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt. Quite a few tracks on the new CD have the feel of classic songs. Matt Patershuk has been flying under the radar for far too long. Is this his time?