The third album from Canadian country / blues player Matt Patershuk is probably a record way too rootsy for the GRTR! readership, as he walks confidently in the footsteps of some of the greats of the genre, delivering with verve, humour, and a wonderful heartfelt drawl.

If you’re looking for crossover material, make sure you listen to the set opener – Sometimes You’ve Got To Do Bad Things To Do Good, a ‘must hear’ number worthy of a TV placement played with a wonderfully dirty riff, and equally voracious sax accompaniment.

But that number aside, while the playing, and recording – captured live in the studio – is par excellence (including some great fiddle work from Josh Zubot, and sensitive vocal accompaniment from Ana Egge) – the set has both feet planted firmly on the country side of the line.

But if country roots are your bag, Matt Patershuk is definitely a name to watch out for.